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Eight Guiding Principles...oh and one other thing!

Gardner Automotive Communications displays its eight guiding principles right up front (loud and proud) for all to see…both on its website and conference room wall. GAC is nothing if not a company that truly believes it’s only as good as the principles that guide it. Over fifteen years ago each principle was thoughtfully selected and carefully defined to become the guiding compass for our business. Today those principles remain unchanged.

But wait! There is at least one more guiding principle that might be surprising to some yet very apparent to the GAC team. It’s on the secret menu of guiding principles – the animal-style if you will.

The behind-the-scenes principle is “Be generous” or simply “Give Back”. On GAC’s weekly meeting agenda it’s called “Philanthropy” and it’s never glossed over. Every week new ideas for giving are entertained, progress on current programs is reviewed and individual stories about giving are shared.


Giving happens on many levels at GAC and not just around the holidays. Meal cards for the homeless are made available to hand out year round. We’ve sponsored a chili cook-off contestant, raised funds to help families of kids with cancer and there’s a plan in the works to deliver a dream racing experience this year. Not to mention adopting a family for Christmas and delivering a heap of gifts to a single mom and her 3 kids.

These are just some of GACs most recent endeavors and the ideas keep coming. It just shows you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 Company to make a difference in your community and the world.



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