Autos 101

A Sold-Out Event!

The DG-Spec Team enjoyed the privilege of being invited back to Toyota HQ for an encore performance of an original production called Autos 101. The premiere event lasted 3 days and right after the “curtain dropped”, the encore was scheduled for 5 days just a few months later in the Summer of 2019. We took that as an Atta-boy!


The Autos 101 program covered fundamentals of vehicle engineering and discussed how cost/benefit decisions are reached. Attendees were guided through the differences between common vehicle platforms, systems and components highlighting the complexity of how mechanical, electrical and software systems work together. Jam-packed with tons of automotive basics, our intention was to include something for everyone regardless of technical level. In total, the program had a 400-person throughput over 10 waves.


After an initial classroom segment, Toyota associates were split into four groups that rotated between 20-minute hands-on learning modules in the High-Bay garage. Each bay was staffed with a friendly DG-Spec expert and set up to focus on a specific topic. Attendees were able to see and touch the parts and systems, which really connected the dots from the classroom session.


Sharing our automotive expertise with 400 Toyota associates, from all specialties and experience levels is pretty special indeed. The only thing more special is the feedback they gave us.

 “Great session, great people. Love the actual viewing of what we talked about in class.” 

“Came out of the class with growing sense of pride in working at Toyota, better knowing the level of detail and sense quality in their products.” 

“All speakers were patient and answered all questions.”


“Presenters did an excellent job. Bravo!”

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