Mark Levinson

Interactive Audio Display

Mark Levinson premium car audio systems can only be found in Lexus vehicles. That’s because Lexus is the only automobile with cabins deemed quiet enough by the discriminating engineers at Mark Levinson.

To support sales and showcase the Mark Levinson audio experience at Lexus dealerships, Gardner Automotive Communications designed and built a freestanding display that includes an interactive application to demonstrate the acoustic technology available in Lexus vehicles.

Mark Levinson

Visitors waiting in the showroom can pop on headphones and experience how Mark Levinson delivers music with less distortion, better efficiency and improved clarity and detail. With the customized Mark Levinson iPad application, the “tour” is self-guided and visitors can navigate, read and listen in the order they prefer.

The Mark Levinson interactive displays are now located in over 100 Lexus dealerships in the Eastern and Central United States giving the Lexus sales team the option to demonstrate Mark Levinson’s first-class quality music reproduction on the showroom floor.

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