Toyota Dream Build

Gaining Traction

Nitto Tire continues to build momentum in the marketplace with a wide array of offerings from truck and SUV to passenger cars to race vehicles on and off pavement. Nitto had an R-Compound competition tire on the market for several years and wanted to improve the tire via top-tier actual testing and feedback both objective and subjective.

R is for Racing

  • Driver feedback captured via two-way radio and standardized forms completed after each session
  • Control tire baseline set at each test day prior to other tire construction and compound tests
  • Final results initiated mid-year product changes for tire model
  • Tire durability and peak performance levels evaluated
  • Testing validated engineering solution which led to better overall durability and performance during prolonged lapping sessions
  • Tiered testing methodology of increasingly prolonged lapping sessions
  • Empirical data gathered via GPS, three-axis accelerometer, tire pyrometer, pressure gauge, onboard multi-camera video, lap times and tread assessment

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