I've had exposure to GAC since their inception a decade ago. The work is really top-notch, professional, and creative. Especially noteworthy is their brainstorming process which routinely comes up with solutions and tactics others can't or won't. Also, their ethics are beyond reproach. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

John Morel
Sr. Manager
Business Intelligence
Strategy & Analytics
American Honda Motor Co.

They've always over-delivered ... The 25 Hours of Thunderhill, for example, with the NBC Sports coverage ... To get that kind of coverage from a major network was pretty amazing. I don't know that [GAC] has any limits outside of physical exhaustion ... in terms of how hard [they're] willing to work to get something done.

Shawn Church
Church Auto Testing

GAC has the automotive experience locked up. Other agencies have one automotive account, or perhaps even two or three, but with Gardner Automotive Communications it's all they do. We know they understand our business, and they've got the technical knowledge to explain mechanical concepts that other agencies really struggle through.

Adam Follman
Vice President
Sales & Marketing
High Performance Systems, LLC

Gardner Automotive Communications never stops hustling ... they're always on top of all the details. In addition, [editorial copy] from GAC is fresh, easy to read, and conveys our key messages … in an efficient fashion … GAC stands out from the crowd, custom tailoring everything they do. They never leave anything up to chance.

Kim Custer
Former Director
Public Relations
Kia Motors America, Inc.

Dan and the team at Gardner Auto Comm went above and beyond to provide VIP access to projects in development, and made sure I had all the resources needed for producing compelling and engaging features. Top-level one-on-one phone interview access to celebrity drivers was an unexpected and appreciated benefit, and one not to be taken lightly, considering the drivers' busy schedules and in-demand media access. Dan and his team are true public relations professionals dedicated to top-notch representation of their clients.

Ed Sanchez
Senior Editor
Truck Trend &

Our relationship with Gardner Automotive Communications and the DG-Spec brand goes back nearly a decade. From a testing and evaluation standpoint, they're unparalleled in terms of attention to detail and producing results that actually are statistically relevant. In multiple rounds of tire testing, their superior preparation and execution resulted in tremendous data capture that we were able to use to affect the development of our tires. It's always a pleasure working with them since they consistently operate at the very highest level.

Alan Ngo
Senior Engineer
Nitto Tires

With our extensive experience reporting on the auto industry and even more extensive experience dealing with bad PR agencies, we've found Gardner Automotive Communications always to be professional, well-informed, and accommodating to the sometimes swirling needs of automotive journalists. That's as refreshing as it is appreciated.

Mark Williams

We have virtually integrated GAC into our business. They’re always hustling on our behalf. There’s never a shortage of expert advice, and they always seem to get us relevant media coverage that gets us noticed in a crowd. Now that's an agency earning their keep!

Victor R. Reyes
Former General Manager
RB Motoring Co.

I can't express enough my gratitude to your team for an excellent job done … your support and forward thinking [were] appreciated. Thank you for giving 100%, 100% of the time.

Tara Saremi
Brand Integration Grp
Saatchi & Saatchi, LA

[Dan Gardner] is aggressive in his marketing and PR efforts and I’ve always had a great deal of respect in how he handles it.

Bill Wolf
Director, OE Relations

Gardner Automotive Communications surprised me by their hustle, ingenuity, tenacity, and creativity during Toyota's SEMA program. The effort was one of the most ambitious I've seen to date for the show, and what GAC was able to pull off with Toyota was truly amazing. It really reset the bar for what is possible at our show, and is sure to be a tough act to follow. An impressive execution to say the least.

Peter MacGillivray
Vice President
Communications &
Events, SEMA

A job exceedingly well done without a doubt. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of Toyota and the entire motorsports and engagement marketing departments in particular.

Les Unger
Nat'l Motorsports Mgr
Toyota Motor Sales, USA

I have worked with Gardner Automotive Communications extensively over the past 5 years and have much praise for … [the] organization. Whether it be meeting deadlines or coordinating presentations, I have worked with no equal. [Their] relentless attention to detail, vision of the final outcome and determination to make it a reality is something you don’t run across every day. It has been my experience that if Dan and his team say it will be done and done right by a certain time, I can cross it off my list. I would recommend GAC to anyone.

Marty Schwerter
Project Manager
Toyota Racing Tech. Ctr.
Chuck Wade
Toyota Racing Tech. Ctr.
Marty Schwerter
Project Manager
Toyota Racing Tech. Ctr.

He runs a real tight ship for his ... team. That translates to success in his business.

Mark Mendoza
Account Manager
OS Giken/Toyota Tsusho
Justin Ocello
Sales Leader
Performance Products
Turbo by Garrett

With [GAC’s] experience in social media … I think it’d be a very strong relationship anyone could have … especially with [their] experience in marketing and PR.

Yukio Taira
Marketing Analyst
Turbo by Garrett